mercredi 15 décembre 2010

TROPICAL XMAS w/ Funky Bompa & Ricky Corazon

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TROPICAL - Special Christmas Edition - Sat 25th december.

Dedicated to the latin roots and derivates from all around, the night starts off strictly for the latin dancers. After midnight it gets wider so everybody can bug out on the ritmos latinos, new and old.

The guests for the night are Ricky Corazon, the duo from Gelatina. Active in Brussels with their modern latin nights, they'll bring that new sound in the Tropical scene. Yours truly Funky Bompa will keep up with the roots cumbia, salsa and other afro-latin rhythms. A hot Christmas !

Entrance 5 euro

@Madame Moustache (map)
Quai au Bois à bruler 5-7 Brandhoutkaai
Brussels, Belgium

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