vendredi 9 septembre 2011


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HIDROGENESSE is an electronic art-rock duo formed by Carlos Ballesteros and Genís Segarra in Barcelona in 1996. From their early steps until today they have moved through synth-pop, italo disco, german electronica, glitter rock, 90ʼs dance music, sophisticated pop and fake rockʼnʼroll.

Hidrogenesse's last release (2010) features 5 re-made/re-modelled songs from "Origin:Orphan", the last album of the Canadian band The Hidden Cameras. They are neither covers nor dance remixes, but something in between. These versions were inspired by their favourites electronic music styles: early european synthpop, from Kraftwerk to The Human League, from OMD to DAF.

They recently remixed one of the most talented Chilean pop singer, Javiera Mena. Listen to this irresistible version of Luz de Piedra de Luna.

This iconic duo invites us to a mind-blowing trip at the next GELATINA ! Don’t miss their first performance in Belgium! More info here.

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