jeudi 21 avril 2011

Rumbass aka Grandpamini @ GELATINA 30.04.2011

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French-Chilean DJ and producer, he mixes his homemade Mashups with rare Cumbia /Kuduro / Merengue / Coupé-décalé tunes. He has already played with Bomba Estereo, Sinden, El Hijo de la Cumbia, Geko Jones, Douster, Myd, Sam Tiba, The Heatwave, Mo Laudi (The Very Best), Dj Mellow, Les Princes du Kuduro, Mosca Verde, and many more! His explosive set will make you sweat and beg for more!
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Suena Rayao

Muevelo ! MiniMix #01 Rumbass (aka Grandpamini)

RUMBASS mix - Vende Tus Niños y Comprate una Sega

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