jeudi 21 avril 2011

Space Cumbia - DF Tropical - New Compilation!

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DF Tropical is a music compilation from La Super Cumbia Futuristica —an artist collective of Mexico City producers and DJ’s. Producers Gustavo Naranjo (G-Flux) and Immanuel Miralda (Afrodita, Los Wendy’s, Teknolele). The album includes songs like Siete Sietes by Amantes Del Futuro and Trivolution by G-Flux vs Afrodita that feature strong retro dub and cumbia influences as well the track “Waffles” by Los Wendys introducing their characteristic Country Cumbia style and soft vocals. DF Tropical also includes a remix of the track Pasonsito (Little OD) by Dj Ron Rico from Afrodita’s first album, other tracks include a remix of the Afrodita track “Modelito” in a kind of 80’s 909 heavy style! Esto se escucha y se baila aqui! Read a complete article and interview here (Tropical Bass)

 DF Tropical (ya merito!) by spacecumbia

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